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Csatlakozz a Nők az Emberi Méltóságért felhíváshoz!

KC Virus Mask

A KC Struktur Kft. csapata Csősz Boglárka társtulajdonos vezetésével elindította a Nők az Emberi Méltóságért felhívást! Miért indítottuk el a felhívást? A KC maszkot innováló cég egyik tulajdonosa, Csősz Boglárka, aki az egészségügyi szektorban viszi sikerre az üzletei egy részét maga is tudja, milyen háború elől nőként menekülni. “Annak idején Erdélyből úgy jöttem át a […]

The KC Mask received the Széchenyi Enterprise of the Year 2021 Innovation Award.

KC Mask

The KC Mask received the Széchenyi Enterprise of the Year 2021 Innovation Award.   The award, which was created by the Count Széchenyi Family Foundation, was given to Boglárka Csősz and Miklós Kállai, the owners of KC Struktur Ltd. at the award ceremony held in the Hungarian National Museum.   The aim of the Széchenyi […]

KC Mask is soon to be launched on three continents

KC Mask

Virus mask – how the results of clinical tests can be translated into everyday virus protection?   The KC Mask VBF 99.9 is a leading innovation worldwide, engineered and designed in Hungary to meet the highest EU quality standards – among other risk factors, but not limited to increase protection against COVID-19 and therefore the […]

New animated clip from our KC Virus Mask

kc virus mask

Finally!!! We have our new animated clip released! What do you think, guys? Let the mini video speak for itself why choose KC Virus Mask. Limitless safety everywhere you go. Order it now in our webshop and enjoy your summer vacation! . #kcmask #animatedclip #innovation #vacation #covid19protection #freedom #limitlesssafety #ecofriendly #skinfriendly #virusprotection #hungarian #virusfilter #ppe-r

KC Virus Mask – Successful meetings at the Arab Health 2021

kc virus mask

KC Virus Mask at the Arab Health Hungarian Pavilion The co-owner of KC Struktur Ltd., Boglárka Csősz held successful meetings at the Arab Health 2021 about the future of our innovative product, the KC Mask. We would like to thank all our current and potential business partners, visitors for coming and visiting us at the […]